ManleysMission – Fashion Consulting Services

George Manley has been both a business owner and a corporate executive in the fashion and apparel industries over the last nine years.  George Manley formed ManleysMission in 2008 to help apparel companies, fashion brands, and individuals, optimize their revenue, their customer base, and their personal wardrobe.

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ManleysMission offers the following fashion consulting services:

Corporate Services

Dress the Part! Seminars

This service is a 1-2 hour seminar on contemporary business dress etiquette.  This course, taught by George Manley, covers the basics of corporate dress etiquette and personal appearance.  This course does not recommend any specific style, brand of clothing, or apparel store; rather, this course is built on conventional style guidelines, in good taste, on any budget.

Uniform Design and Manufacturing Services

Whether you own a restaurant, manage a hotel, or oversee a retail sales force, ManleysMission will ensure your carefully crafted brand identity carries through the apparel worn by your staff.  Working with the high-end design and manufacturing partners, our Uniform Consulting Services will exceed your expectations, not your budget.

Business Consulting Services

Whether you lack a business plan or the resources to execute it, ManleysMission will provide your business the brand identity, the marketing initiatives, and/or the sales distribution it needs to achieve your revenue goals.

Personal Services

Wardrobe Consulting/Personal Shopping

If you are like most men I know, you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to shop for apparel and/or update your wardrobe.  ManleysMission will give you the confidence and retail locations to streamline your apparel needs, or we will do the shopping for you!  After a free wardrobe consulting evaluation, we will make appropriate wardrobe recommendations to suit your personal taste.  ManleysMission even offers Made-to-Measure services and exclusive discounts.

Special Occasions

Your bride-to-be just bought a beautiful ivory bridal gown, and you want to wear a purple tux to the wedding, or even worse a mullet wig.  ManleysMission will provide you, and your groomsmen, with the appropriate style recommendations for your special occasion.  ManleysMission even offers Made-to-Measure services and exclusive discounts.