What Not To Do: 3-out-of-4 Men Admit They Spend More Time “Trimming” Than Shopping For New Underwear

By George Manley | Dec 19th, 2008

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Remember, your underwear, and the rest of your clothes for that matter, are seen long before she sees that perfect “v” you created with you Remington Cordless.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between off-the-rack, made-to-measure, and bespoke suiting? This edition of ManleysMission is all about tailored clothing. I review the new fashion-forward younger brother of Hickey Freeman, called hickey. Also this week, I introduce the first submission to a new page I will call “From the Horse’s Mouth.” This page will list interesting stories/reviews and/or humorous comments from ManleysMission customers and readers. I hope all of you continue to email me your thoughts and ideas, as I sincerely appreciate hearing from you.

The following is the first ManleysMission customer review from Colin Graham, whom I helped outfit for his wedding day. Colin you and your beautiful bride looked fantastic!

After meeting the woman of my dreams and falling in love, I was soon gearing up for my big day. I had the girl, my dream job, and a new house of my own (with the mortgage to boot). Yes, I was seemingly ready to travel to Northern California for our October wedding. Then it dawned on me…what the hell was I going to wear for the most important day of my life? Panic set in. How could I have thought I was prepared for my wedding day without knowing what I was going to wear?

I have some fashion sense, average at best. What I do know is you have to match your belt to your shoes, and your socks to your pants (I think); beyond this, I usually just wing it. I realized my wedding day required more attention to detail, so I started an internal dialogue on whom could lend me sartorial advice. Mom? (Nah. I love her more than anything, but she would suggest some outdated middle school look). My fiancé? (Am I kidding? At this stage in the wedding planning, she had more than a full plate, and I was in no mood for any more “brainstorming meetings”).

So, here I was. Still thinking…and then, it came to me. How did I not think of this person sooner? George Manley! George and I go all the way back to prep school (a place where everyone wore the same outfit to class, so any fashion sense he has definitely was not honed there); and as our friendship and careers grew through our 20’s, it became very apparent the guy knew what he was doing in the clothing arena. George is a friend who I knew would give me great and, most importantly, honest advice.

While navigating my way through a young professional career, I remember George advising me on the shirts and ties to buy due to their quality, fit, and value. Like most guys, I really didn’t care for the details, I just wanted to look my best, and following his advice worked wonders for me professionally.

I called George and said, “Geordie [an old nickname, which has professionally gone away], I am getting married soon, and I need your help with what to wear.” What followed was a barrage of detailed questions ranging from the color of the bridesmaids dresses, to the flower choice, to my groomsmen’s attire (to be honest, I had to retrieve many of the details from my bride-to-be, which made her ecstatic…my proactive participation in our wedding planning).

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