What Not To Do: Tailored Clothing Call-Outs

By George Manley | Dec 19th, 2008

1. Don’t wear your bag on your suit shoulder.
-When you place your bag on the shoulder of your tailored jacket, you damage the shoulder pad, the collar, and the fabric of your jacket. This will cause the shoulder fabric to shine unnaturally, and overtime, the fit and balance of your jacket will be compromised.

2. Don’t clean it, unless it’s dirty.
-This really goes for everything in your wardrobe; however, don’t over clean your tailored clothing. The chemicals and the tumbling in the dry-cleaning process break down the fabric of your tailored clothing and limit the garment’s lifespan. Instead of dry-cleaning, have your tailored clothing spot cleaned and steamed for wrinkles.

3. Don’t buy it, if it doesn’t fit.
-If the garment does not fit you correctly, you will look silly; moreover, you will limit the garment’s lifespan. If a garment is too big, it will catch on things and wrinkle easily; if a garment is too tight, you will place unneeded stress on the fabric and the seams.

4. Don’t treat you tailored clothing like it’s your fleece.
-That fabric has come a long way since it lived on the back of a Australian sheep or a Mongolian goat. It has been processed and dyed, woven and worsted. If you must face Mother Nature’s wrath, protect your tailored clothing, protect your investment, by wearing a raincoat.

5. Comb your mullet wig and spot-clean your tuxedo before being paired with your dancing shoes.
-Oh! You already knew this fact? Sorry.