What Not To Do: When Building a Wardrobe

By George Manley | Dec 5th, 2008

1.  Don’t assume the salesperson knows what they are talking about…ask questions!
-If it doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not right.  You don’t have to be a clothing expert to challenge clothing salesman and saleswomen…keep asking questions until you are thoroughly comfortable with you purchase.

2.  If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

-Do I really need to explain this one?  There is no rush in building your wardrobe, as it is often better to wait and buy that piece you REALLY want!

3.  Don’t buy it because someone else told you it looks good.

-Trust your gut…you have to like it above all other people.  The more you are comfortable in your clothes, the better they will look.

4.  Don’t buy clothing from REALLY attractive women.
-You know how they say, don’t buy groceries when you’re hungry?  If you’re like me, good-looking women have a stronger gravitational pull than the sun; therefore, don’t buy things from them, as you will most likely be shopping with the wrong head.

5.  Don’t go shopping unless you need something.

-I think 98.5% of men have this down; however, I will explain it anyway.  Shopping for sport is one of the fastest ways to over-saturate your wardrobe.  Buy the right pieces when you need them.